On Close Range: The Ascent to The Future of Finance

Cryptocurrency is a hot topic today in Africa, primarily driven by the retail sector, crypto payment solutions, and fast-growing blockchain communities.

But how deep does this go?

Not deep enough.

Africa still lacks the infrastructure and expertise of the blockchain to create real value using the blockchain. The current focus in Africa is heavily skewed towards crypto trading and short-term gains.

While this initial attraction sparks interest, it can be unrewarding and even risky without a deeper understanding of the technology and proper research.


Bridging the Gap With Second Mountain

Second Mountain exists to go deeper than the illusion of Africa’s current “mountain”: that the blockchain and cryptocurrencies are complex modern-day technology and investments.

We are a crypto research company leveraging AI and human driven insights to redefine investment opportunities. Our platform will offer a blend of self-custodial and custodial investment methods, ensuring the security and growth of your assets.

We blend intelligent real time market signals with human insights, offering a user friendly process for hands-off investing. With these, Africans can explore the full spectrum of crypto and blockchain technology through:

  • Deeper Understanding: We’ll provide research materials, resources and real time analysis to help Africans understand crypto and blockchain in depth.
  • Utility Expansion: We’ll help users explore the blockchain beyond trading, to encompass areas like financial inclusion and wealth and portfolio management,

Our Products

Our research has led us to identify gaps needed to be filled in the African blockchain industry, and our products embody this. We are working on 2 products:

  • HODL: Hold on for dear life is a popular acronym in the crypto space but more than that, we know that Hodlers are the real winners. Second Mountain offers a range of crypto investment funds tailored to different risk tolerances. These funds allow investors to hold (hodl) carefully selected crypto assets for a set period to maximize potential returns.
  • Automated Trading With Time: As shared online, an average of 2 weeks to 3 years can be spent on research before investors feel confident enough to take action in the crypto ecosystem. That’s quite a lot of TIME. So, we’re developing an automated trading agent named ‘TIME’ to give back time to investors while making them maximum returns with instant trade execution 24/7.

    The Journey to the Peak Begins

    This is just the first step on our ascent to an innovative and inclusive future.

    Reserve your spot and be the first to access our AI-driven crypto investment tools! Join our waitlist

    Second Mountain
    Second Mountain

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